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General Terms & Conditions

Standard price conditions

- Minimum order quantity 1 sqm.
- Maximum use of 6 colours per logo. You can choose from a  wide range of standard colours. Other colours are on request.
- Margin total size of the logo mat +/- 1%.
- We offer 4 different types of yarn that are standard in our assortment.
- You have the possibility to choose the type of yarn and determine the stitch rate, gauge and pile height.
- Manufacturers are allowed to supply us with their own yarn, under the condition a production test is    permitted. After placing an order we need a sample of the artificial grass to be able to check the technical   specifications and right colour before production takes place.
- Standard programming costs are € 50,00 per logo/design, when you provide a high resolution/Vector file   
- When the requested file isn't available in high resolution, the programming costs will be defined on real cost  at € 50,00 per hour.
- After placing the order you'll receive a final design for approval before we start with the production. One  correction round is included in the price. Additional adaptions for the design will be defined on real cost at € 50,00 per hour.
- You need to be authorized to use the requested logo.
- By placing an order, you agree on NIK-Tufting to be authorized to use the requested logo for promotional   
activities of Signgrass®.
- All non-standard products are on request.


- 5 year warranty against discoloration and UV light degradation.
- 2 year product warranty against fibers coming off.

Terms of delivery

- We reserve the right to supply goods only to B2B clients.
- We reserve the right to supply goods only through payment in advance.
- We reserve the right to carry out a credit check through a credit reference agency.
- Delivery time by agreement.
- Delivery is standard Ex Works. Forwarding charges are on request.
- Mentioned prices are wholesale prices, VAT excluded, provisional and valid until     31-12-2015.