About us

The Signgrass® team is led by Leon van Zijl. With his twenty plus years of experience in the synthetic turf industry. Leon developed his own tufting machine and founded the company NIK-Tufting in 2010. This has allowed him to launch the unique Signgrass® products on the market. Alongside Leon, the team consists of smart strategists in the Marketing and Sales department, individual designers, punctual programmers and a passionate production staff. In short, a close and diverse team that works hard for the best possible result for your product.

Stökskesweg 9B
5571 TJ Bergeijk
The Netherlands
+31(0)497 57 25 45


Would you like more information about our products, advice or request a quote? Please contact us by telephone or ask your question by email. We will reply to your requests as soon as possible.

Leon van Zijl
Managing Director

Michel Renniers


Partenaire fier de la Fondation Cruyff

La Fondation Jahan Cruyff, developpe et soutient des activites sportives pour les enfants du monde entier.Grace au projets sportifs pour les enfants handicape et des projets comme les “Cruyff Courts” et “Schoolyard 14”, nous aidons a creer des espaces pour enfants.

Membre fier de la STCE et de la STC

Signgrass est membre de la Synthetic Turf Council EMEA et de la Synthetic Turf Council (USA). Ces associations de industry assurent la qualite des membres au sein de industrie du gazon synthetique.

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