Synthetic grass for sport

Your club logo on the pitch will provide immediate visible identifaction of your club. Think about a club logo between the dug outs or at the entrance of the players tunnel. Smaller club logos at the corners of the pitch, a banner with the club’s name or a ‘red carpet’ where fans are entering the stadium. You might even consider the use of loose logo mats for temporary use so the club can take them to international/away competitions. These loose logo mats will have an extra layer, so you just have to put them down on the sports pitch or use a Velcro system.

Technical information

No glued joints
Optimum detail exposure
Unlimited shape possibilities
Wide range of colours and yarn
Strong and durable

Proud partner of Cruyff Foundation

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children in need all over the world. Through sports projects for children with a disability and projects like the Cruyff Courts and Schoolyard14 we create space for children.

Proud member of the STCE and the STC

Signgrass is a member of the Synthetic Turf Council EMEA and the the Synthetic Turf Council (USA).
These industry associations ensure a quality mark to its members within the synthetic turf industry.