Technical information

If your logo mat has to meet the technical requirements of the surrounding artificial grass, we can define the parameters such as the density of the logo mat and pile height varying from 10-60mm.
To match the colour exactly, you also have the possibility to supply us with your own yarn. Before we start up production, we would like to do a test to see if we can tuft with the requested type of yarn and require a sample of the artificial grass to be able to check the technical specifications and right colour.

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No glued joints
Optimum detail exposure
Unlimited shape possibilities
Wide range of colours and yarn
Strong and durable

Signgrass® Short

The textured fiber in combination with a short pile height results in high defination, detailed images. Signgrass® Short can be found in gyms for fitness tracks, and on sports fields including hockey, tennis, cricket and golf. It is also often used for play elements on play floors in playgrounds, and for playgrounds. But Signgrass® Short is also the ideal type of artificial grass for walk-in mats and exhibition floors.
190121 TD Short
220627 SignGrass Fun&Play

Signgrass® Fibri

Fibrisport is can be used on sports fields, for football, rugby and tennis. But Fibrisport is also often used in play areas within playgrounds, parks and playgrounds in schools.
190121 TD Fibrisport
220627 SignGrass Fun&Play

Signgrass® Monosport 40

With Mono you have the possibility to provide your infill sports field with a real eye catcher. Give your playing field a focal point. Due to the possibility of a 60 mm pile height, the logo can actually be placed in your sports field, for example as the center spot or circle.
190215 TD Monosport

Signgrass® Monosport 60

Allthough the feasibility of a larger pile height is different from a shorter production, it possible to produce logo mats in a 60 mm pile height, so the logo can actually be placed in your sports field, for example as the center spot or circle.
190215 TD Monosport

Proud partner of Cruyff Foundation

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children in need all over the world. Through sports projects for children with a disability and projects like the Cruyff Courts and Schoolyard14 we create space for children.

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Proud member of the STCE

Signgrass is a member of the Synthetic Turf Council EMEA.
These industry associations ensure a quality mark to its members within the synthetic turf industry.

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