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SIGNGRASS® - synthetic grass design

Signgrass® – synthetic grass design is the product name for NIK-Tufting synthetic turf solutions and stands for quality that meets your highest expectations.
The Signgrass® artificial grass mats are custom-made and are intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Our unique tuft technique offers endless possibilities in application and design.
We offer a wide selection of yarns and colours. Your logo or design can also be tufted in the technical specifications of surrounding artificial grass so that your logo fits seamlessly. If desired, you can supply your own yarns.

No glued joints
Optimum detail exposure
Unlimited shape possibilities
Wide range of colours and yarn
Strong and durable

26 juni 2020

Signgrass FitnessTracks

Signgrass FitnessTracks 💪 🏋️‍♂️ ARTIFICIAL TURF FOR CROSSFIT & FITNESS Discover Signgrass® FitnessTracks, unique branding for your fitness gym. We create standard or custom tracks personalised according to your wishes. The fitness and cross training tracks are made from high quality fiber, available in a large colour scale. Artificial turf suitable for heavy fitness and […]

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Endless possibilities

Signgrass® tufted artificial grass mats can be found on various sports fields including football, rugby, hockey, tennis and golf. For the fitness industry we supply personalized sprint tracks which can be used for crossfit training. For schools and playgrounds, you will find custom-made activity mats or choose our Fun & Play elements from our extensive collection.
You can also use your unique logo mat or design at events, such as a sponsor’s mat, a red carpet, or an exhibition floor. Use it as a real eye-catcher at the entrance lobby of your company. The choice is yours.

Reference - Wycliffe College

Signgrass® has supplied the Wycliffe College logo that has been incorporated into the run-off area of their synthetic turf hockey pitch. The purple background of the logo needed to match with the surrounding artificial grass. The required bobbins of ‘matching’ purple yarn have been supplied by the artificial grass manufacturer and the logo has been tufted according the same technical specifications (density and pile height). After installation the result is a seamless surface with a state-of-the-art school logo which is the real eye catcher!

Proud partner of Cruyff Foundation

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children in need all over the world. Through sports projects for children with a disability and projects like the Cruyff Courts and Schoolyard14 we create space for children.

Logo Cruyff Foundation

Proud member of the STCE and the STC

Signgrass is a member of the Synthetic Turf Council EMEA and the the Synthetic Turf Council (USA).
These industry associations ensure a quality mark to its members within the synthetic turf industry.

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